Vertical Drill Rigs

Piling with Down The Hole Hammer is growing solution for foundation piles in rocky and mixed soil types, where rock contact is necessary. Geonex provides armament and consutation for modifying Kelly Bar, CFA and Impact Piling rigs for Hammer Drilling applications.

The base of each Geonex-DTH Drilling solution has an excellent performance, state of the art reliability, technique and eff iciency. We have focused on design of the details as well which increases the productivity even more. Download our vertical drill rig brochure to learn more.

Main features and applications of DTH-Hammer Drilled piles

  • Drilled piles are installed through all soil layers to the desired depth, even all the way to bedrock.
  • The soil contains obstacles in the soil that are difficult to penetrate such as stones, boulders etc.
  • Pile diameters up to 1220 mm.
  • Piles bear securely on bedrock.
  • The bedrock is slant and piles need to be drilled into bedrock to prevented from sliding.
  • Piles can carry high loads, which leads to reduced pile amount.
  • The piles have high precision and quality requirements
  • Piling work can be carried out near existing buildings or structures, where there are strict requirements for the environmental impacts of the piling, such as vibration, soil settlement and diplacements

Download Vertical drill rig brochure