Over 10 000 holes and, over 200 000 meter of drilling

Geonex provide knowledge from over 20 years of horizontal drilling experience to you. Geonex suits for different kind of drilling commitments and soil types around the world. Geonex reliability, user convenience and efficiency are unbeatable especially in mixed and rocky soil conditions. Practical work experience gives a good view of the robustness and rigidy that is necessary for these machines.

Geonex on the map


Why Geonex?

Over 20 years of experience from different DTH-applications, gives us knowledge of functional and reliable solutions.

Wide range of service
We can provide total solutions from the smallest adapter to biggest rig’s, so handling total packages with training is familiar to us.

Focusing on customer related circumstances and taking care of even the smallest requirements that the customer has, makes us a flexible partner for you.

The drilled pipeline step by step